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You’re probably wondering if life coaching is for you – this isn’t unusual at all. You’re also probably asking if Julie is the right coach for you. Why not book a 30 minute trial session and find out?

How does it work?

Coaching isn’t counselling and, as such, there’s no requirement for us to be in the same place. In fact, many people find that coaching over the phone or Skype/FaceTime is a much easier and acceptable solution. Plus it enables you to choose a coach who is right for you and not merely local.

As the coaching profession has progressed most sessions are now carried out over the phone or by Skype/Facetime. I find that clients prefer this option as it fits with their commitments more easily and it also means we don’t need to be in the same city or even the same country. Most of your coaching sessions will be 30 – 60 minutes long and this is decided in advance and depends on what you want to achieve. You book a time slot, call me and off we go. Face-to-face coaching can also be arranged if you prefer and our locations allow.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends very much on what you’re working on and how big your goal is. I always suggest a half-hour trial session to talk through your ambitions. Following this we can work out a plan, which is customised specifically for you. I’d recommend three months of coaching initially as changing anything in life is not a quick process and there has to be time built in for reflection and decision making. I work with your particular needs and if the process needs to take longer, then that’s fine. Many clients (including me, I still have occasional catch-ups with my own coach) find that ongoing support is useful even once their goal has been achieved in order to stay on track and avoid any blips. This can also be arranged.

What’s the coach’s role in all this?

I help you decide what your goals are and then come up with ideas and strategies to help you achieve them. I will listen and support you and on occasions challenge you too and will also use proven tools and techniques move you closer to wherever it is you want to be. I will believe in you even when you don’t and will be constantly motivating and inspiring you. I am 100% committed to your success.

All our sessions are carried out on a guaranteed confidential basis.

How do I get started?

Simple. Just call me on 07947 915565 or email me at info@thesassylifecoach.com and we’ll get your 30 minute trial booked for a date and time to suit you.


For longer than I care to remember I have struggled with not putting myself first and always saying yes to helping others. This has resulted in some areas of my life that I have tolerated but I knew could be better. Julie has helped me to tackle some of these areas such as  prioritising fitness, down time, sleep and finally taking charge of my weight. Julie enabled me to reframe my long held view that “time on me” was selfish and helped me to find compelling, meaningful reasons why making changes would take me to a better place. Amongst other things, we looked at my daily routines and what small steps I could take to make a real difference to staying on track. Her approach was naturally empathetic and supportive, yet she wouldn’t let me off the hook – which I liked. She kept me accountable in a gentle, supportive sometimes humorous way and right from the get go I felt I was making progress and doing things differently. Her coaching sessions were the catalyst to getting me started and moving away from the place I have been stuck in for so long. I can genuinely say I enjoyed every one of our telephone conversations and I would thoroughly recommend Julie as a coach.

Gill McKay

Business Owner

I recently had a 1hr life coaching call with Julie, and she was fantastically helpful. Her extensive counselling and coaching background meant I could really trust her, and she gave great practical and actionable advice, despite me overloading her with information! She had a great way of cutting through all of the detail and identifying and focusing on the important issues.
Julie’s business background meant she is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs to talk to, as I felt she really understood the issues I was facing. Her ideas came from a place of understanding, and I respected her opinion as she had been through many of the same situations herself.
I highly recommend The Sassy Life Coach if you are a small business owner who is feeling a bit lost on where to focus next, and wants to make a plan to start achieving your goals – thank you so much for your help!

Beki Gowing

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