Does it feel like your confidence is shot to pieces and that life is taking you down a path you don’t want to follow? Thankfully, you’ve found the right place to turn these challenges around.

Confidence wobbles are draining – I get it. Being anxious about situations that wouldn’t previously have bothered you and turning down social, personal and professional opportunities because you think you’re not good enough? You’re not alone and, in many cases, turning confidence issues around is more straightforward than you’d think. Confidence comes from within and, while it might disappear  occasionally,  you never lose it forever. It’s always there.

I trained to be a life coach with Pure Coaching in London and I am an accredited practitioner registered with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring. Choosing an accredited coach gives you the re-assurance you need that the service offered will be of top quality and that I will be required to prove that I am continually developing my skills. My techniques will help you to help yourself, while also providing the support you need to get through it. All you need to knock confidence issues on the head, give you a boost and get you back on track… whatever that means to you personally. And believe me when I say I’ll support you all the way……………I really will be with you every step.

People come to me with a whole range of things they want to explore. For some they don’t even know what the issue is, they just know things aren’t going well and it’s my job ask all the right questions to identify what’s happening for them. Some of the things I have helped people with include:

  • Dealing with life changes, whatever they are
  • Feeling invisible or that they’re getting left behind
  • Fluctuating or no self esteem
  • Body image issues
  • Getting promotion, changing careers or getting a new job when it seems impossible
  • Starting a business, including practical advice
  • Achieving goals and dreams
  • Making those decisions that have been put off for too
  • Having the confidence to deal with tricky situations and difficult people
My story

I coach with passion, empathy, humour and kindness but will be challenging too, because only by breaking out of your comfort zone will changes start to happen. I am an accredited life coach, a qualified counsellor and a journalist too. I’ve spent years learning to listen and communicate with people from all walks of life. I’m genuinely interested in people and their lives and stories and no subject is taboo.

I’ve been through the challenging times too – most of us have at some point. And had times when I thought I’d never be confident again. When I needed guidance and inspiration a life coach stepped in and helped me build a vision of my future. It turned into my next career step, bringing all my skills and experience together to help others. I re-trained, left my well-paid steady job to start my life coaching business and I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back once.

In my own life, I have lots of interests. Although I’d never actually admit to being an adrenalin junkie I do love snowboarding, riding motorbikes and horse riding. Although I dislike flying with a passion, I still find joy in travelling. I like to keep fit too and am currently training for the Brighton marathon in April. I also enjoy a bit of creativity and can often be found making my own clothes or banging out a tune on my saxophone. Mountains are my thing – the place where I feel most inspired.

If you are ready to take those first steps towards a more confident and successful you then all you need to so is call me on 07947 915565 to arrange your trial session, or text me and I’ll call you back. Alternatively, you can email me at

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I was at the end of my tether when I contacted Julie. I had lots of life issues that had all collided at once and I didn’t know which to tackle first or how to tackle them. Julie helped me to put everything into perspective, prioritise each issue and gave me tools and techniques to help me cope. We set goals for my future and I’m now much more positive about where my life is heading and  a lot more confident in myself and my abilities.

Sam Middlewood

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