A friend in need

Watching the news this morning, there was a story that had me crying into my porridge. It was about an amazing Shire horse called Beau who saved his lifelong friend Beatrice from being put to sleep. How I hear you ask? Well Beatrice had colic, which in layman’s terms...

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If you want to change your life, change your language

It seems that everyone is on the change merry-go-round at the moment – and I mean that in a positive way. Change is a good thing, something to be embraced – if it’s definitely what we want of course and it’s not being forced upon us – that never works. How too often...

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What it’s like to be a life coach

  A long career managing change in organisation, change in people and focussing on getting the best from colleagues led me to life coaching. Swapping the safety net of PAYE to become a full-time coach was challenging, but rewarding. If you’ve ever wondered what...

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