Don’t want to talk on the phone? It’s time to reach for the mouse

With email coaching, there are no phone calls or appointments. We connect and correspond via email, which works really well if you:

  1. Struggle to fit appointments into your week due to work or family commitments.
  2. Don’t enjoy talking to people over the phone, and perhaps find it a bit stressful.
  3. Live in a different time zone to me and we can’t make phone calls work (I’m in the UK).
  4. Like the idea of having committed support just a click away.
  5. Prefer to ponder on things and work at your own pace.
  6. Like to have everything written down so you can re-visit it when you need to.
  7. Like to receive support quickly without having to wait for an appointment slot.
  8. Are hard of hearing or have issues with speech.

Just as with phone coaching you will have my 100% commitment to the process and I have a whole toolkit of techniques to help you achieve your goals, which work just as well written. You are my VIP and the sessions are tailor-made for your unique set of circumstances and all the challenges those brings.

How it works

If you think email coaching is for you, please email me at and let me know. I will reply with a few questions, which will tell me more about you and what it is you want to work on. I call this All About You. We explore your dreams, goals, what makes you tick, what challenges you face etc. All this detail helps me as we move into the ‘getting stuck in’ phase. We then start to email each other, to begin the exciting road to your new life. I will reply within 24 hours of receiving your emails (those sent on Friday will be answered on Monday). If I can’t achieve this for any reason, being on holiday for instance, I will let you know this in advance.

AAA coaching

My most popular package is Access All Areas. This gives you Monday – Friday access to me, sending as many emails as you like. It’s a monthly plan and at the end of our month together you will have lots of resources to help you continue to move forwards. If you feel you need more support from me, that’s fine, you can sign up for another month. If you use your email coaching to the full you’ll be amazed how much we can get done in just a few weeks.

Price: £350

One and go

Do you feel you just need a bit of support or access to a handful of techniques or reading material to get you on track? Maybe a little kick up the bum? For this, I offer a one email deal. You send me an email with information about what’s going on for you and what you’d like to achieve, and I send you a detailed email back with thoughts, techniques and resources to help.

Price: £65

Check-in buddy

The one thing that helps more than anything when you’re trying to achieve goals or change something about your life, is having someone who’s there to keep you on track. Just reporting into someone regularly can be enough to push you along when, if you were left to your own devises you may keep finding things to distract you. This is not coaching, this is me being the person keeping you on track with achieving your goals and encouraging you to get up and get going. Maybe you want to start doing Facebook Live videos as part of your business strategy. Maybe you want to lose weight or boost your self-esteem. Maybe you want to tackle a difficult colleague or friend about something. It can be anything. You tell me what your goals are and every Friday you send me a check-in email telling me how you’re getting on. I send a short reply with supportive words, motivation and inspiration to help keep you moving forwards. I will be your check-in buddy for six months, then we re-assess. You can of course move onto a coaching package (phone or email) at any time during this time.

Price: £90 for six months




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